Color Pro - Worst paint job ever by colorpro stockton ca


I went to get a candy paint job at color pro in stockton ca . Owner shain Britt with an open bible on his desk tells me not to worry he will have my mr2 special painted or my moneyback.

He also said it would take aprox two weeks.

He first was late then he forgot to *** emblems ,then the buffering needed to be redone ,you could see swirling marks. Aprox a month later when I did get car back it had spray over on side mirrors phish eyes in pain, bubbling,the color wasnt even. The metal flakes we're thrown in paint not calibrated right. Car looked like an easter egg.

The district attorney's office knows him very well he an ex *** man that scams people that he can.

Especially young women he was rubbing himself and talking nasty about another customer when I was there. Im sure his wife dont know how perverted he is.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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